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Reflections of Glory
Hope in the Dark is a 160 page coffee table book, written by Bart Larson, hospice chaplain and writer/photographer. The book contains over 200 photographs, along with verses, quotes, humor, and stories to bring hope and encouragement in life's troubled times.

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Cost: $29.95 (hardcover)
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For Seekers

  • Addicts & Alcoholics
    One last step to take after the 12-Steps.

  • Atheists & Agnostics [best] *
    If you?ve wanted concrete proof that God exists, here it is.

  • Bahai
    A loving challenge for Bahais to confront the logical inconsistencies of their faith.

  • Buddists
    A call for Buddhists to deepen their spiritual understanding by exploring the simple, yet profound, teachings of Jesus Christ.

  • Gangs
    A booklet for gang bangers showing that only faith will get them what they truly want in life.

  • Hindus & New Agers
    Written for those seeking verifiable truth about God and reality.

  • Homosexuals
    A compassionate appeal for gays and lesbians to reconsider the message of Jesus.

  • Jehovah's Witnesses
    A compassionate Bible study on whether Jesus is the angel Michael, and other related topics.

  • Jews
    Written for Jews in search of verifiable truth concerning God.

  • Life's Big Picture [scripture]
    Biblical quotes from Genesis to Revelation presenting a panoramic overview of salvation.

  • Prisoners
    Good News and hope for those incarcerated.

  • Satanists
    ?Playing The Devil?s Game: A Hard Look At Satanism?...written to those in Satanism.

  • Way International
    Biblical evidence that those in The Way have been brainwashed into believing a lie concerning the deity of Christ.

  • Wiccans
    A loving call for those in witchcraft to seek an even higher way.

  • Diety Of Christ
    A Biblical defense of the Deity of Christ.

  • Unity
    A clarifying message of love and hope for those in Unity.

  • For Believers

  • A Coward's Look At The Role Of Women In The Church
    Shows how highly elevated scripture presents women.

  • Life's Little Instruction Book On Marriage
    Hundreds of thoughts and short quotes about marriage.

  • Chaplain's Prayer
    A suggested daily prayer for all chaplains.

  • Letter To My Catholic Friends
    A Bible study lovingly asking Catholics to weigh their beliefs in light of what the Bible teaches.

  • Letter To My Liberal Friends
    A loving challenge to rethink their liberal premises in light of logic, history, and modern Biblical study.

  • Power Verses To Live By
    Verses to encourage and uplift the heart.

  • House Cleaning : Breaking Spiritual Strongholds
    A booklet about breaking spiritual strongholds.

    Short Stories, Tracts & Parables

  • The Great Computer In The Sky
    A parable presenting the Good News in computer imagery.

  • Mud Puddles
    A parable of forgiveness.

  • My Story
    Bart Larson's personal journey to faith.

  • Self-Evident
    A look at self-evident truth: God, eternity, the real issues of life, etc.

  • Reflections of a Turtle
    A parable about encountering the unexplainable.

  • Do All Roads Lead To Rome?
    Do all religions lead to God?

  • Hospice Handouts

  • Cinnamon And The Lion
    A parable about overcoming fear

  • Confederate Soldier's Poem
    Reflections on God giving us what we need, not what we want.

  • Cupped Hands *
    A story about putting our lives and our problems in God?s hands.

  • Footprints In The Sand
    Jesus carrying us through the hard times.

  • Gift Of Receiving *
    Being willing to receive from others in our time of need.

  • Husand & Wife In Heaven
    A cute story/joke about the hope of Heaven.

  • Serenity Prayer [short version]
    As used in Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • Slow Me Down Lord
    Poem about slowing down and taking time to smell the roses.

  • Serenity Prayer [expanded]
    The complete Serenity Prayer.

  • Twenty-Third Psalm
    A copy of the Bible?s most famous Psalm (Download and given to patients.)

  • What Cancer Cannot Do
    Cancer can touch the body but not the soul.

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